Vertical or Horizontal Blinds

If I say the word “blinds” to you, what do you think of? Chances are, you thinking of a particular style, or a specific orientation of blinds, depending on what is present in your own home or what was present in the home you grew up in. But have you ever thought much about the orientation of your blinds? Unless you are in the process of picking out new blinds for your home, chances are you probably haven’t. But if you are currently looking for new blinds and find that you aren’t sure whether you need vertical or horizontal orientation for them, the Blind & Shutter Gallery of Nashville is here to help.

Where is your window?

Perhaps the greatest defining factor of what type of blinds you should get is going to be where the window you are looking to outfit is located. Vertical blinds, unlike horizontal blinds, are easily pushed to the side, making them ideal for sliding-glass doors. In some instances, vertical blinds can also provide more total light control than horizontal blinds, and so if you have a window that typically receives a large amount of light, that may be your best option.

How big is your window?

Horizontal blinds are typically, although not always, made from heavier materials, such as wood. This weight can be easily distributed across relatively small or average-sized spaces, but the bigger your window gets, the more likely it is that vertical blinds are going to be your best choice. Similarly, vertical blinds can tend to look awkward when placed on very small windows or windows that do not reach the floor, in which case horizontal blinds are a better choice.

Who will be using the window?

While window treatments are never complicated, especially from Hunter Douglas, they can be more difficult for certain groups of people at certain times. Because of their cords, horizontal blinds can prove to be a danger to small children or pets. They can also get heavy, making them a difficult option for older people or the elderly. In these instances, vertical blinds are the better option.

The factors that go into choosing a window treatment are complex and distinct to every individual. Whether you’ve made your decision or you still need some more help, reach out to the experts at the Blind & Shutter Gallery of Nashville, TN and let us help you decide. We also proudly serve Murfeesboro, Franklin, Nolensville, Brentwood, Fairview and Thompson's Station.