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Options for Motorized Window Treatments

Options for Motorized Window Treatments near Nashville, Tennessee (TN), including the PowerView App

When you explore the innovative window treatment solutions available from Hunter Douglas, you’ll quickly discover that settling for the ordinary just isn’t what they’re about. There are lots of ways you can make your home more exciting by customizing your window treatments with both unique styling options and motorized operating systems. Motorized window treatments also look great on your windows, giving you a futuristic home! Read on to discover your options for motorized window treatments.

Vertical Motorization

One of the best options for motorized window treatments when it comes to sliding glass doors or wide window expanses is Vertical Motorization. Don’t want to bother manually opening up your vertical blinds when you want to let more light inside your home or step outside through your sliding glass door? Well, you don’t have to with this option. You can fully open and close your vertical motorized window treatments simply by pressing a button on a wall-mount fixture. You can also choose a remote option so you can watch as your beautiful views open up right before your eyes. This operating system also features adjustments for rotating vanes on vertical blinds, so you can adjust your vertical blinds with precision.

SoftTouch™ Motorization

Another one of the popular options for motorized window treatments is SoftTouch™ Motorization. You can make your shade or blinds look even sleeker when you swap out the cord for this ergonomic wand. Not to mention, your window treatments will look even more modern when they move electronically. By getting rid of the cord system, you can also keep your home safe for kids and pets. You’ll also simply have fun adjusting your motorized window treatments using this operating system. By tapping up and down with your hands, your blinds or shades will follow in real-time, making you wonder why you ever settled for manual cords in the first place.

PowerView® Automation

It also doesn’t hurt to go all out with your motorized window treatments, which is exactly what happens when you add the PowerView® Automation operating system to your custom blinds, shades, or shutters. This is thanks to the PowerView® App, which you can download for your smartphone or tablet. This is what makes it one of our favorite options for motorized window treatments. The PowerView® App pairs seamlessly to any smart home device, which means you can use voice commands to trigger your scene settings. So, if you’re ready to fall asleep but forgot to close your shades, just say the word and your bedroom shades will keep your room dark throughout the night and into the hours of the early morning. And when you wake up, you can enjoy stimulating light courtesy of the scheduling function in the app.


Here at Blind & Shutter Gallery Nashville, we are proud to offer a great selection of custom motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and are proud to serve the greater Nashville area, including Murfreesboro, Franklin, Nolensville, Brentwood, Fairview, and Thompson's Station, Tennessee. Visit us today to find the right motorized window treatment options for your home!