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Custom Skylight Window Treatments for Homes

One of the keys to enjoying your interior decor as much as possible is integrating good lighting into your home. Whenever possible, letting more natural light inside goes a long way in making each room look better. People with skylights in their homes benefit from having their homes illuminated with a glow of natural light. You can improve the functionality of your skylights by adding custom skylight window treatments from Hunter Douglas.

Skylight window treatments for homes near Nashville, Tennessee (TN), including honeycomb shades

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

If you’re looking for sleek window treatments to add to the skylights in your home, then you need to check out Duette® Honeycomb Shades. Choosing these custom skylight window treatments allows you to explore a wide range of advantages beyond being able to control light on your windows that are hard to reach. 

These custom shades will help make your home more energy-efficient thanks to their hexagonal cells. By blocking airflow and heat transfer from your windows, these shades allow you to maintain the temperature in your home much more easily. They are essentially insulation for your windows that you’ll love looking at. 

This style of custom honeycomb shades is ideal for skylights since the shades adjust down to a very small size when opened all the way, allowing you to let as much light in as possible when you want. And while closed, these shades provide a simple and clean look.

SkyLift™ Skylight System

This collection of custom shades is available with the innovative SkyLift™ Skylight System, which allows your shades to be fitted to skylights of different shapes and sizes. It also fights gravity to keep your shades flat and snug against your skylight windows. 

You can adjust your skylight window treatments in a variety of ways, including using a hand crank or telescoping pole to adjust your shades by hand. These systems are easy to use and allow for swift operation of your custom skylight shades.

PowerView® Automation

The best way to control your custom skylight window treatments is to choose the available PowerView® Automation operating system. Using small yet effective electric motors, this operating system lets you control any window treatment in your home even if it is far out of reach. The system works quietly and smoothly as well, so your home will remain a calming place to spend time even while you adjust your window treatments electronically. 

When you choose PowerView® Automation, you can simply reach for your preferred device anytime you want to get more shade or let more light inside. This includes separate devices provide by Hunter Douglas or your own personal mobile devices when you download the PowerView® App. The app also lets you schedule your skylight window treatments or connect to voice command systems for effortless light adjustment at any time.


Here at Blind & Shutter Gallery Nashville, we are proud to offer custom skylight window treatments from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and offer our services to greater Nashville, Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, Franklin, Nolensville, Brentwood, Fairview, and Thompson's Station, in Tennessee. Visit our showroom today to get started!